Diesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles - the factsDiesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles - the facts

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Diesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles  - the facts

Diesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles are all being sold today. How do you now what type of vehicle will meet all of your needs during the years that you own it? Is one type of car going to cost you more to buy but cost you less to drive and maintain? If you visit my website, you will get a good idea of what to expect from each of these vehicles. You will learn the average yearly maintenance costs, fuel costs and repair costs. All of this information can go a long way in helping you decide what type of vehicle to buy.

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Harley Davidson And The Marlboro... Woman? Customizing A Harley To Fit A Woman's Needs

The freedom, the roar of the engine, mastering the power of such a beautiful machine... who wouldn't want all that a Harley has to offer? After years of men having the sole claim to owning a Harley, women are finally joining the legions of riders, and not just as passengers, either. In fact, women are becoming so popular in the Harley-Davidson world that it's not unusual now to find dealers all over Canada hosting events known as Garage Party events just for women motorcycle enthusiasts.

Ok, so you're new to this. At the same time, though, you're tired of your boyfriend or husband not letting you join in any of his games. Well then, sit back, rev up your computer's hard drive and scroll on down the highway -- er -- page to see how Harley-Davidson is customizing bikes so that you, too, can have a bike that will be the envy of the whole gang.

Sleek and Sexy

A Harley's colour or headlights can be customized with the click of a button. But did you ever think about the gasoline tank? Well, Harley-Davidson did, and to that end, newer models feature more slender gas tanks that can hold just as much fuel as their bulkier counterparts, which have been a staple of the classic Harley design for decades.

Size Matters

You know what they say about big hands, right? They require big handlebars; however, people with small hands may find it more difficult to grip large handlebars on any motorcycle, let alone a Harley. Luckily, just like bike riders, handlebars come in all shapes and sizes, including narrower and smaller ones for the more petite of stature.

Have a Seat

Getting on a hog shouldn't be like getting on a horse: You shouldn't have to swing your leg higher than your head to get on it. The newest Harley models fix that by redesigning the engine so that the seat rests lower. This serves a two-fold purpose: comfort and safety. A lower seat not only makes it easier for someone to mount the bike and ride it comfortably but also creates a lower center of gravity that makes balancing and turning far less treacherous. How? Think of a boat on the water: Put the cargo down in the hold and the boat will stay pretty well balanced, but place some of that cargo up in the crow's nest or on top of the sails, and now you've got a boat that's more top-heavy and likely to tip over. Same with a bike; the higher up you are on it, the higher your center of gravity and the greater the risk of making a bad turn or having an accident.

Of course, these are just a few of the many ways a Harley can be customized for a woman. The last thing you want is to end up wasting money on an uncomfortable ride, so don't be afraid to ask a motorcycle dealer Edge Harley-Davidson for help. Most importantly of all, enjoy the ride!