Diesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles - the factsDiesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles - the facts

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Diesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles  - the facts

Diesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles are all being sold today. How do you now what type of vehicle will meet all of your needs during the years that you own it? Is one type of car going to cost you more to buy but cost you less to drive and maintain? If you visit my website, you will get a good idea of what to expect from each of these vehicles. You will learn the average yearly maintenance costs, fuel costs and repair costs. All of this information can go a long way in helping you decide what type of vehicle to buy.

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How Auto Dealers Can't Get More Business: Are You Missing Potential Customers?

A lot of dodge car dealerships don't realize the full potential of social media and what it can do for their business. There are a variety of ways to draw in business with the use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and you could be missing out. There are over 1 billion users on Facebook alone.

If you aren't familiar with these social media platforms or you don't utilize them, you want to take the time to create accounts for your business, and have someone with social media experience post daily. Here are a few ways your business will benefit.

Advertise Deals

If you have a great leasing option going on, or if you are offering a discount of some type, you can advertise it on your social media platform with a picture of the vehicle the potential customer will get. Any person may look at the post and see they could afford that monthly payment, and love the vehicle they would get.

Market Upgrades and New Models

When you have someone come in and order a vehicle with a lot of great options, or they customize their vehicle, you can share images of it on your social media feeds. It will encourage people to bring their vehicle in and have the same thing done, or to order a vehicle and have those options added. This is going to make selling upgrades easier for you, because the people can already see what it will look like instead of imaging how their vehicle will be changed. You can also ask your buyers to tweet or post their new ride on their own platform, and link it to the dealership pages.

Reach All Age Groups

The twenty year old's and others aren't likely going to buy a newspaper just to flip through the ads, so they may not even know that you have promotions going on. With social media you can reach out to 16 year-old's that are just learning to drive, and appeal to grandparents that check their social media accounts to see pictures of their grandchildren. It expands the age group of people you reach, and it's easy to draw attention to your business.

You can do contests to get people chatting on your social media pages and to get them to come in to the dealership. If you're looking for a great way to promote sales at your auto dealership and you don't have social media accounts that are connected to your website, make the necessary changes and watch the people start coming in.